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Change for Life Bottle Campaign


The change for Life Baby Bottle Campaign is a fun way for individuals, families, churches, organizations and even schools to support Abigail Women's Center.


It's Easy!

Abigail Women's Center provides empty baby bottles to many locations including churches, organizations, and schools.  Individuals and families take them home for one month and fill the baby bottles with loose pocket changes, bills or even checks made out to Abigail Women's Center.

After a month, the filled bottles are brought back to the original location where Abigail Women's Center will collect them. The money is then tallied and reported back on the total amount raised.

Your Change Provides

  • $45 - 2 weeks supply of baby formula

  • $55 - 3 weeks supply of diapers

  • $125 - 1 car seat for safe travels

  • $175 - 1 crib for sound sleep

  • $250 - Pregnancy & infant classes

  • A new life PRICELESS!

Get Your Change for Life Baby Bottle

A baby bottle, for your change, is available at 1610  Stroble Ave. Mendota, IL.